Unwittingly read a Veela fic…


I want to try it, since I am currently funemployed and bored out of my wits at home. Dramione fan fictions only though.

so anyone wanna try my beta-ing skills? give me something to do?? lol

also, is there anything important that I need to know before diving into this?? let me know, thanks!

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The Boy In The Hammock


Summary: Hermione tugged at the string holding the hood onto the boy’s head, gingerly pulling the fabric back to reveal his face. Lying before her, barely recognizable beyond the swelling and the blood, but still very much himself, was Draco Malfoy.
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): Explicit Sexual Situations, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Mild Profanity
Word count: 64,981
Other Link(s): none

I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC! read it about thrice now.

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Just got started into reading it. I’m on the 5th chapter now. I’m in love with the fic already.